Beta Reading ™

The Beyond Beta Reading ™ Package is our popular beta reading service that goes far beyond your expectations of a typical beta reading experience.

Our Beyond Beta Reading ™ experts give unique insight that reflects how your future readers will react to your writing.

We make real time observations and provide feedback you can immediately put to use while you prepare your manuscript for editing.

What’s Included:


Real-Time Emotional Reactions Using Track Changes

This is a fun feature that many of our authors enjoy. Aiming for shock factor? An Aha moment? A blissful scene for your main characters? Our beta reading experts will share quick comments about their emotional reactions as the action takes place.



Here, our beta reading experts provide a quick assessment with a primary focus on plot & conflict, characters, pacing, and individualized writing style. What worked in your manuscript? What could use more attention and improvement?


Beta Reader’s Questions

Engaged readers will always have questions while reading. While beta reading, we will share our questions about your work in the comments section. 


Beta Reading POV / Opinion.

This is the most subjective part of our Beyond Beta Reading™ service. We share how much we enjoyed your work and pinpoint the sections where it may drag or be confusing for the reader. Our beta reading experts give honest, respectful feedback, and strive to share perspectives that serve your work’s best interest.


Editorial Recommendations

Once we’ve gone through your work, we will shift from the perspective of a detailed beta reader to an insightful editor.

This is a brief evaluation of your manuscript in its current state and answers the question: What editorial services would help elevate your manuscript to its most professional representation?


One Post-Feedback Q&A Session, via Email

Naturally, after you receive our beta reading feedback, you’ll likely have more questions.

That’s why this package also includes one email conversation after you receive our feedback.

Present a maximum of five questions regarding your work, and your Beyond Beta Reader will respond. 
Please note that this email conversation is limited to a broad question and answer format.



Upmarket Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Romance (all subgenres), Teen / YA (all subgenres), Mysteries, Urban Fantasy, and Suspense.



Nonfiction preferred genres include Personal Development, Motivational, New Age, and Self Improvement.


Academic Papers

Academic papers (specifically in the Social Sciences) also accepted.


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